The Fashion Dictionary

fashion-dictionaryTitle The Fashion Dictionary

Authors Emily Angus, Macushla Baudis, and Philippa Woodcock

Publisher Carlton Books Limited


The Fashion Dictionary is an indispensable illustrated reference for the fashion student, dressmaker and anyone interested in clothes and design. Practical and informative, it is a beautiful guide to hundreds of terms, techniques and details – from embroidery and lace to stitching and tailoring – and covers styles of clothing, components of garments, unusual design features, textiles and trends.

Whether you are interested in the craftsmanship of couture stitching or want to know the difference between a pannier and a peplum, this book offers not only concise definitions but also reveals the pathways between social, political and artistic movements and the evolution of fashion. Archive and catwalk images as well as photographs of close-up details and technical line drawings help to explain and to contextualize the terms.

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