Designing Corporate Identity

page_1Title Designing Corporate Identity

Editor and Director Josep Maria Minguet

Publisher Monsa Publications


The corporate identity defines the “personality” behind a company or corporation, always designed in accordance, to help to reach the objectives of any business. The minimum concept that makes a brand recognizable is the logo, therein lies the basis of the corporate identity. McDonald’s would be an overwhelming example of what the concept of corporate identity is. The famous logo in the form of M is repeated in each and every one of their products as packaging, merchandising and in any advertising campaign, together with the use of red and yellow colors, shaping the image of one of the most famous trademarks, almost instantly recognizable by the public. Many companies pay large amounts of money for the research, design and execution involved in creating an identity that is extremely distinguishable and appealing to the company’s target audience. Designing Corporate Identity is an approach to the latest international creations in the fascinating world of corporate identity design.

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