Working with Paperclay and other additives

51KCgVEKoDL._SX363_BO1,204,203,200_Title Working with Paperclay and other additives

Author Anne Lightwood

Publisher The Crowood Press Ltd


Using fibres with clay is not a new idea – the Old Testament recounts that the Israelites rose in revolt because they could not make bricks without straw – but using fibres absorbed within the structure of the clay body is a concept that has recently, and rapidly, taken root among potters. Paperclay is now widely recognized as a material that allows great freedom of expression, relieving the maker of many of the technical problems associated with conventional clays, in colleges, it is now seen simply as another available material and its use has become almost routine but, for potters working alone without the backing of such technical advice, there remain questions to be answered and theories to be explained.

With lavish illustrations throughout, Working with Paperclay provides the expertise to inspire potters to discover this exciting material and, for those already smitten, to try new techniques and ideas by drawing on the examples and experiences of many different artists.

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