Process: 50 Product Designs from Concept to Manufacture

9781856695411_p0_v1_s192x300Title Process: 50 Product Designs from Concept to Manufacture

Author Jennifer Hudson

Publisher Laurence King Publishing


Product and furniture design have become increasingly diverse as designers constantly experiment with new ideas and the techniques used to realize them. This book provides an in-depth study of the creative and manufacturing processes behind over 50 contemporary domestic design objects from around the world, covering a range of fields including furniture, lighting, tableware, textiles, and other products. The work of both long-established and emerging designers is features, and each product is selected for its significant use of new technology, unorthodox or complex production process, use of innovative materials (or traditional materials adapted in new and unexpected ways) and, in some cases, for the creative concept behind it.

Beginning with an informative general introduction, each project is then presented through explanatory text as well as inspirational image, sketch, detail shots of production processes and the finished product. A glossary of production methods is also included. Process offers an interesting and useful insight into how products are designed for students and professional designers alike.

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