The Essential Guide to Mold Making and Slip Casting

images (3)Title The Essential Guide to Mold Making and Slip Casting

Author Andrew Martin

Publisher Lark Books


Mold making is an important skill to learn because it will enable you to produce identical multiples of any object, such as matched dinnerware. Plaster molds let you create one-of-a-kind forms that can’t be achieved by any other process. Now this definitive guide to the craft, by widely respected ceramist and instructor Andrew Martin, has been newly revised. No other book on the subject describes and shows the key techniques in such detail. Using Martin’s simple yet unique template system, you’ll be able to create a clay prototype of any object you want to produce. He then explains how to use that prototype to make one- or multiple-piece molds. Finally, you’ll learn how to pour casting slip into your mold to shape the final object.


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