David Report: Communications Through Product

matic 048Title David Report: Communications Through Product

Issue 5/November 2006


The David Report bulletin covers the intersection of design, culture and business life with a creative and humanistic approach. By challenging conventional thinking we are always trying to make a difference. Four issues a year.

In six logical steps:

  1. Advertising has lost its credibility.
  2. Everybody are talking about how to communicate in a new way.
  3. We say – go to the very core – the product or service and communicate through it. It’s the best way to build a credible brand.
  4. Use design, creativity and innovation to make products and services relevant enough to attract the target group and they will find them voluntarily.
  5. You will save money because Communication Through Product (CTP) is the most-cost-effective communication solution there is! This really attracts business men/women!
  6. As a bonus you will be able to make a difference. This really attracts the consumers nowadays!

There it is, our supermodel, that hopefully will make business executives think twice before buying another advertising campaign. Communication Through Product (CTP) is a model to use to get more attention, more sales and more credibility for less investment. Sounds too good to be true!


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