David Report: The Sustainable Wheel

matic 051Title David Report: The Sustainable Wheel

Issue 7/December 2007


The David Report bulletin covers the intersection of design, culture and business life with a creative and humanistic approach. By challenging conventional thinking we are always trying to make a difference. Four issues a year.

We don’t have answers, we have questions. We do, however, know this; living on planet earth demands sharing planet earth in order to sustain planet earth.

A general conclusion of our thoughts above is that emotions and their meanings are everything. The mechanical and rational rules, one believes, but when it comes down to it we are biological creatures ruled by emotions – they cannot be excluded.

A product could be defined as sustainable first when it considers all ingredients of the “sustainable wheel”. We argue that in the end, a product is nothing worth not favouring a human context. We always have to extend sustainability beyond materials. We have to remember to always look through the lens of humanity when we are trying to define a sustainable product.


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