EkoSHARE Bamboo Series July 2016

In its drive to position Cebu as a hub of sustainable lifestyle in the Philippines, MATIC Hub mounted the EkoShare Bamboo Series 2016 Edition last July 7 & 8 at the DOST 7 Complex, Sudlon, Lahug, Cebu City.

Certified Green Building Designer, Architect Maria Lourdes “Joy” Martinez Onozawa said, “Our bodies are perfectly designed to coexist with the natural world, therefore, we design the very lifestyle we were naturally created for in the first place, one that harnesses natural solutions and improves our quality of life.”

EkoShare Bamboo Series 2016 Edition has two sets of workshop namely, Bamboo 101 and Bamboo 102.

EkoShare Bamboo 101
It talks about the significant bamboo species in the Philippines, its various uses and its countless benefits. Participants get to learn how to harvest, treat and store bamboo. They also get to learn how to cut, waterproof, make bamboo joints, and identify bamboo parts for propagation.

EkoShare Bamboo 102
It is a whole day workshop that tackles bamboo as fiber; bamboo for health, beauty and food; bamboo for household use, toys and crafts; bamboo for construction; and innovative bamboo designs. Participants get to make a bamboo model structure with bamboo floor and wall. They are also taught how to dye/color their final project design.

Attendance to Bamboo 101 is a requirement to proceed to Bamboo 102.

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