Rattan Bone

Rattan to bone
Rattan at APY Cane (Source: ECCP Archive)

A lot can happen by 2050:


The animal world could be 1 million species lesser according to a study by Professor Chris Thomas of Leeds University.

The Earth’s lower atmosphere temperature could raise an average of 4 degrees Celsius in a World’s Meteorological Organization statement.

Asia will be the home of 50% of the projected osteoporotic hip fractures of the world.

And according to the National Nutrition and Health Survey in 2003, the present number of Filipinos at risk for osteoporosis will be 10.2 million.

As bad as that sounds, there is also this:  Green just might be the new bone.  People who suffer irreparable bone damage from osteoporosis, bone cancer and severe fractures have a chance at restoration.

A team from the Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramics (Istec) of the Italian National Research Council, found a way to treat rattan plant materials to create hydroxyapatite which is what real bones are made of.

In 2010, Italian firm GreenBone tested out this new “wood to bone” process.  Having the same flexibility, porosity and strength as the genuine ones, this artificial bone was successfully implanted as scaffolding for fusing damaged bones in sheep.   It even induces bone regeneration and has been found to be a more than adequate bone replacement than polymers, ceramics or titanium.   Human trials are to begin by mid-2018.  The aim is to market rattan bone by 2019.

The value of Rattan ultimately goes way beyond furniture and crafts; socio-economic and environment.  Having green bones just might be the answer to a green, holistically full lifestyle.


Click to access 2013-Asia_Pacific_Audit-Philippines_0_0.pdf

Cooper C, Campion G, Melton LJ, 3rd (1992) Hip fractures in the elderly: a world-wide projection. Osteoporos Int 2:285.

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