Memories of HOME…

For the residents of Tubigon Bohol, home is where the Buri Palms are.

The palm produces versatile Raffia: a fiber that has been making waves in creative industries all over the world. Only seen before as part of Bohol’s verdant scenery, this palm remained untouched and underutilized. The local government’s department of trade and industry has been testing out innovative applications for this abundant, indigenous fiber.
4Raffia gains further relevance as Tubigon’s loomweaving traditions meld with Debbie Palao’s contemporary, and relevant reinterpretations of Filipino design.

Its value was uncovered even more when the significance of home for Tubigon locals melded with the nostalgia of the household for designer Debbie Palao.

Hence, HOME and HOME-AWAY-FROM-HOME collection came into existence.  A notable collaboration between ECCP, TLMPC (Tubigon Loomweavers Multi-Purpose Cooperative)—a beneficiary of DTI Bohol, and the artistic vision of Debbie Palao’s HoliCOW (Holistic Coalition of the Willing Inc).

A glimpse of the earth-tone, raffia-wrapped storage-stool brings the warmth of the infamous sala found in every childhood memory.  Aptly name Tagô, the cube-shaped ottoman doubles as a hiding space for toys or magazines that can be brought out when entertaining guests.  And if angles are not your style, there’s also the cylindrically-shaped stool that is versatile in complementing small spaces. This HOME collection imbibes relaxation and connects us back to familiar and comfortable sensations.

Additionally, the HOME-AWAY-FROM-HOME collection brings the familiar back to one who has crossed the miles.  Wrapped in cozy chocolate-y hues, the raffia-on-raffia foldable toiletry kit brings comfort to those away from home.  It’s quite easy to store in a traveling trunk; sewn with a cloth hook for effortless hanging to keep personal essentials always in reach.

Loomweaving is a heritage for the Filipinos, but like all things long-standing, it can be forgotten. The Home and Home Away From Home collection makes it unforgettable: like the nostalgia of simpler days.  Memories of our traditions translated the tangible designs through the skillful craftsmanship of Filipino artisans.

HOME and HOME-AWAY-FROM-HOME collection will be showcased this October 20 – 22 at the Philippine’s premiere lifestyle and design event, Manila FAME.

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