Agile Talent: How to Source & Manage Outside Experts

CPTitle  Agile Talent: How to Source & Manage Outside Experts

Author  Jon Younger & Norm Smallwood

Publisher  Harvard Business Review Press, Boston Massachusettes

Description  “Campbell Soup Company and PepsiCo seek advice from anthropologists to understand customer tastes and preferences…As manageers seek nontraditional sources of strategic talent and experiment with fast, flexible ways of engaging these experts, they need a new roadmap.  This book delivers that roadmap.  It tells you how to assess, choose, attract, develop, support, and retain your external talent.  Authored by thought leaders and bestselling authors in leadership and talent management who teach and consult globally, Agile Talent reveals how companies such as Apple, Uber, Airbnb, Google, IBM, and Bain Capital organize and manage new forms of talent in innovative ways.  Supported by survey data and packed with tools and templates for applying these ideas, this book is the ultimate guide for winning the next war for talent.” (Agile Talent)

Sneak peek inside!

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