Basic Drawing Made Amazingly Easy

CPTitle Basic Drawing Made Amazingly Easy

Author  Christopher Hart

Publisher  Watson-Guptil Publications, New York

Description  “Drawing is just TOO hard!” is no longer a valid excuse.  Never again will you have to worry about confusing, long-winded drawing books that overwhelm you with hard-to-understand instructions and terminology–not after bestselling author Christopher Hart presents his step-by-step approach for mastering the foundations of drawing.  He breaks drawing down to the essentials, showing that every drawing begins with a few simple, easy-to-master shapes.  You will find detailed instructions that guide you in drawing everything from still life to houses and cars to the human figure.  Tricky concepts like composition, perspective, and capturing the human face are presented in direct, easy-to-understand terms.  By boiling down all drawings to simple shapes, Hart removes the challenge and intimidation from drawing and instead makes it fun for all.  Dust off your sketchpads, sharpen your pencils, and get ready to see how easy drawing can be! (Basic Drawing Made Amazingly Easy)

Sneak peek inside!

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