Sketching: The Basics

Sketching The BasicsTitle  Sketching: The Basics

Author  Koos Eissen & Roselien Steur

Publisher  Page One Publishing Pte, Ltd (Second reprint)

Description  “This book can be regarded as the ‘prequel’ to our first book, which was intended as a reference guide.  This new book concerns the study of form.  Sketching: The Basics contains many step-by-step guides to making drawings.  It is about learning to draw efficiently by employing different techniques, both manual and digital.  Drawing an object or idea is not a rigid process but a lively interactive process.  Revealing the steps in that process allows us to explain the decisions taken and their impact on the final result.  Every chapter contains an exercise for the reader.” (Sketching: The Basics)

Sneak peek inside!

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