The Difference between “Should” and “Must”

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The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna (MATIC HUB Archives)

(A take on the book: “The CROSSROADS OF SHOULD AND MUST” by Elle Luna)

A first impression of the book will most likely revolve around how fun and colorful it is. When you scan its pages, you will know it was designed to catch the attention of the readers by its playful colors and texts. A page or two of the book may be dedicated for only a certain word, a phrase, a sentence, or a paragraph from time to time and applies a somewhat paintbrush-like font or a color-schemed texts.

The initial pages pose a question: “when you decide to look for your dreams in real life, where do you go?”. And this question is followed by a beautiful poem about following the strange pull towards what you love. Its visuals are very ideal for non-readers as the book’s approach drags anyone’s thoughts in with questions or situations that will peak many people’s interest.

This book, written by Elle Luna, taps a certain aspect in our lives that we could have forgotten, have doubts about, or luckily are currently doing. The book emphasizes on the distinction between “Must” and “Should”.

MATIC HUB Archives
The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna (MATIC HUB Archives)

“Should” was made out to be something that the people expect you to do, and a path in which the road is clear: no fear of the unknown. “Must” is what we were meant to do, what we love to spend our time on; it is our passion. Unlike “Should” which has a much clearer and paved way, “Must” brings rise to many doubts and questions in many aspects such as the financial and personal. “Should” is not necessarily a bad thing but it doesn’t lead us to what we desire to do. The book will show the reader how every day, we get to choose between doing “what you should” and doing “what you must”. Your everyday choices are vital to the progress of pursuing your calling. However, ignoring “should” is never easy. Reading the book will help you get an idea how to remove these “shoulds” that does not reflect who you really are.

Leading you through roadblocks encountered throughout your passion journey and the whole struggle of pursuing it, the book becomes an everyday guide. Questions and troubles about money, time, space, and vulnerability like “Can I pay my bills doing what I love?”, “I don’t have enough time”, “I don’t have a place to do what I love!”, or “Pursuing my passion is too frightening” are readily tackled.

Believe it or not, suggested solutions, if not the path towards answers, are laid down in the book for readers to feel that doing what you are passionate about is not impossible. Sometimes the walls barricading you from acting upon what you love may be a figment of your imagination. Quite possible but not without hardships, true beauty doesn’t come easy after all. Still, the obstacles are real but not dead ends that could stop you.  (Reychell Abellana)

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