UC K12 Students Tour #MATICHUB

IP Talks with UC K12 Students (February 10, 2017)

“What are examples of intangible properties that belong to you?”

“Emotions,” replied one Grade 11 student.  He was quite right, and the objective for the MATIC (Materials Innovation Centre) tour was to expose University of Cebu K12 students to the creative industry in a 2-part talk on the pivotal role of innovative materials, and the IP (Intellectual Property) Rights of innovators, like them.

Created under the Materials R&D Program, MATIC HUB serves as a repository of material swatches and resources. It is also a venue of inspiration for design industries, a link to materials and design experts, and an access point for sourcing technology suppliers. It is a haven for product developers, designers and students to touch, feel, and play around with materials.

According to WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), Intellectual Property refers to the creations of the mind, this includes from scientific and industrial inventions, to artistic and literary works, names and logos that are used in commerce, and even geographical indicators.

Emotions, intangible ideas and figments of the mind’s eye; These can still be stolen and needs to be protected. Creating a culture of creativity should not ignore the protection of our idea generators. Because when the environment promoting creativity and innovation dies out, then improvements will cease. Simply put, Cebu will lose its creative edge.

So as the K12 students were introduced to innovative material applications, the students also understood that they can retain the right to decide how or where their designs or inventions can be used.

MATIC, as a repository of material swatches and books, opened the eyes of the eager learners of the treasures of both our local materials and Filipino ingenuity.  They will never see a leaf or a stick in the same way again.

edited_laminated swatches
(L-R, clockwise) Bamboo, Kapok seed pods, Mussel shell, Ipil-ipil seeds.

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MATIC is open for academic tours and talks.  For more information, contact MATIC HUB at hello@matic.ph.

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