W(h)ine & Cheese Mixer at #CebuOCC

The W(h)ine & Cheese Night is a regular gathering which features a range of wines and cheeses, plus little surprises with each month’s new set of partners and collaborators.Being a collaborative mixer, it brings together people from a variety of backgrounds, and is organized at a colorful sweep of venue possibilities! Our wines, cheeses and conversations will make for a perfect start to building partnerships, connections and collaborations for 2019.

The February W(h)ine & Cheese Mixer is organized by MATIC Hub and HOLICOW in partnership with the Department of Science and Technology, Department of Trade and Industry, American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines and Marco Polo Plaza Cebu, with main sponsorships from Spartan Race Philippines and Cebu Obstacle Course Camp.

Launched in 2014, MATIC began under the Materials R+D Program as a repository of material swatches and resources, a venue of inspiration for design, a link to materials and design experts, and an access point to technology suppliers.
MATIC and HOLICOW work hand-in-hand to provide sustainable and multi-disciplinary enabling spaces for Cebu’s creative community. MATIC HUB as incorporated will continue to collaborate with DOST in the achievement of its mandate of providing direction and leadership in scientific and technological efforts in the Visayas region, and ensure that the results are utilized for maximum social and economic benefits to it public. 

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