Bakbak raw material suppliers

Region VI

Company Name : Lima Enterprise
Contact Person : Nelson T. Lima
Address : Laguinbawa West, Numancia, Aklan
Telephone Number : (036) 265-4682
Cellphone Number : 0919-7961189
Fax Number : (036) 265-4682
Legal Status : Single Proprietorship
Type of Business : Manufacturer, Producer
Year Established : 1998
Raw Material Offered : Bakbak
Company Name : Aparicio ARBs MPC
Contact Person : Eligene C. Tayco
Address : Brgy. Aparicio, Ibajay, Aklan
Cellphone Number : 0921-6834269
Legal Status : Cooperative
Type of Business : Processors, Manufacturer, Producer,
Year Established : 1997
Raw Material Offered : Bakbak
Annual Volume Supply : 12 tons
Average Price per Unit : P40.00 per kg

Region VII

Company Name : Southern Negros Geothermal
Community Cooperative
Address : Caidocan, Valencia, Negros Oriental
Cellphone Number : 0916-9041336
Legal Status : Registered as a Cooperative at CDA
Type of Business : Supplier, Consolidator
Year Established : 2005
Raw Material Offered : Abaca (Bakbak)
Annual Volume Supply : 500 kgs per month
Average Price per Unit : P15.00 – P25.00 per kg

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