The Business of Creativity

If you are a creative who is looking into making your work sustainable, or an entrepreneur searching for creative ideas, The Business of Creativity: How Creativity and Entrepreneurship Connect is for you! Now is the best time to debunk the myth that creatives and business cannot work together.

Join us this October 22, Tuesday, 6:00PM for a meaningful talk about how creativity and sustainability is not impossible to achieve.


Intro – Business of Creativity
(Why you need both skills either as a businessman or as a creative)
I’m handicapped – Art of Delegation/Collaboration
(You may not have all these skills, but you can get the right people to work with you)
I’m broke – Down to basics
(Funding is always an issue, and moving forward from this.)
Solutioneering – Where there’s a problem, there’s an opportunity.

Registration Fee: Php1,500
10% discount for groups of 3 or more


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