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MATIC HUB is composed of an eclectic group that’s deeply rooted and involved in the Creative Cebu Grid. The MATIC Team acts as the connecting hub for organizations who wish to be involved in Cebu’s City of Design initiatives.

MATIC HUB is a sustainable and multi-disciplinary enabling space for Cebu’s creative community. In a drive to become increasingly relevant to the ever-changing landscape of Cebu’s creative sector, MATIC evolves to provide a platform for start-ups, communities and youth organizations to collaborate with experienced stakeholders in academe, industry and government.

MATIC HUB as incorporated will continue to collaborate with DOST in the achievement of its mandate of providing direction and leadership in scientific and technological efforts in the Visayas region, and ensure that the results are utilized for maximum social and economic benefits to it public. MATIC HUB activities will operate within the following topics:
Materials – raw materials, material manipulation
Art – visual art, local film scene, art galleries
Technology – animation, app development, game development
Innovation – DOST intervention, start-up enabling space
Creativity – Circular Economy / Culture / Creativity – living in wellness and balance, and in a way that creates sustainability, and cradle – cradle design thinking

MATIC Location Map

MATIC has three main features:


This is a workshop area with the MATERIALS LIBRARY at the heart of it. Material swatches, semi-processed materials and books on design and product development are available in the library for workshop participants and researchers to use and get inspiration from.


This is the show window, which will regularly highlight a special setting of sustainable technology, innovated materials, and material application to product design.


This is a meeting room available for brainstorming, creative and scientific linkage project presentation, and creative discussions.

The MATERIALS LIBRARY, which is a joint collaboration amongst MATIC partner, Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation (CFIF) and Cebu Gifts Toys and Housewares (Cebu GTH), is at the core of the APP ZONE.

Launched in 2014, MATIC began under the Materials R+D Program as a repository of material swatches and resources, a venue of inspiration for design, a link to materials and design experts, and an access point to technology suppliers. MATIC HUB is supported by the Department of Science and Technology Region 7 (DOST 7) in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). It is in collaboration with the Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation (CFIF), Cebu GTH, FAME Foundation and AFOS.

MATIC HUB is located at 1F, Cebu Obstacle Course Camp, beside iCenter, Crossroads Mall, Banilad, Cebu City.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us at!

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